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"Place 'fragile' stickers on boxes that contain breakables. Empty the contents of chest of drawers into boxes. Box any electrical equipment i.e. TV, DVD etc. Packing material can be supplied by us on request"

Part & Full Loads

Before you move contact:
Doctor, Electricity Provider, Dentist, Gas Provider, DVLA, Water Authority, Bank, Insurance Company, Credit Card Company, Tax Office, TV Licence/Sky and The Post Office to redirect mail.

Remember to:
Keep your purse, wallet and keys in an easily accessible place. Place 'fragile' stickers on boxes that contain breakables. Empty the contents of chest of drawers into boxes. Box any electrical equipment i.e. TV, DVD etc. Packing materials can be supplied by The Careful Movers on request.

Lofts and Attics
Please ensure that unless you have arranged for your mover to remove items from your loft/attic, they are empty prior to the removal team arriving. Lofts and attics must be boarded, lit and have a fixed loft ladder before a remover can empty it.

Please ensure that suitable parking provisions are made for the removal vehicle. This can be generally done by contacting neighbours, leaving cones or by placing your vehicle in the area where our vehicle will require to park.

About Us
Part & Full Loads

Screws, Bolts and Keys
Please take possession of any of the above that become loose as a product of any dismantling.

If carpets are to be removed they should be loosened prior to the removal company's arrival.

Hi-Fi and Electrical Equipment
Electrical equipment is best moved in its original packaging and secured with packing tape.

Fridges/Freezers, Cookers and Washing Machines
Prior to the removal team arriving these items should be disconnected. Washing machines should be secured (the appropriate brackets are obtainable from local agents authorised by the manufacturer). Fridges and freezers should be washed out with a strong solution of bicarbonate of soda and hot water to avoid unpleasant odours (detergent is not recommended). Removal operatives are strictly forbidden to tamper with any mains supply.

Should be removed from light fittings. Put in plastic bags to keep clean and then pack carefully into cartons. Some padding should be put between each shade to avoid marking.

Mirrors And Pictures
Should be wrapped and packed upright into cartons. If too large, wrap and pack separately into cardboard using the cardboard from a carton as an outer wrapper.

Jewellery and monies are an uninsurable commodity and as such should be carried personally.

Packing Service
If you have contracted us to carry out a packing service then all items to be packed should be laid out on worktops, tables or beds for easy accessibility for the packers.

Self Packing
If you are self-packing then all boxes should be marked with contents, destination room in new home and marked fragile where necessary.

Quilts, Linen & Cushions
These items can be placed into suitable plastic bags.

Part & Full Loads

Spare Keys
Sometimes the removal vehicle will arrive at your new home before you do. If you can, give the foreman a spare key so they won't lose time waiting for you to arrive.

Maps and Plans
Please give the driver clear directions to your new home and a street map if possible. Also draw a floor plan of your new home and give it to the foreman so that everything can be put in the correct room. Colour coded labels can also help to identify the correct location for items - speak to the estimator about this.

Inform the removal company of any internal or external difficulties that may be encountered during your removal and may require special consideration. Access to and from the doorway of your home is essential for our vehicles. Please explain to your neighbours in advance that a removal vehicle will be parked outside your home and may possibly cause some degree of inconvenience to them. We also ask that you ensure that passageways and staircases are left completely clear for our moving team..

Curtains/Blinds and Items Fixed to Walls
All of the above should be taken down prior to the arrival of the moving team.

Self-Assembly Furniture/Beds
Dismantling and re-erection of self-assembly effects are not covered by The Careful Movers unless specifically requested and quoted for. The most appropriate person to dismantle and reassemble these fittings is the person who originally assembled them, and dismantling should be performed prior to the arrival of the moving team.

Part & Full Loads

Pets cannot be shipped on moving vans. If the pet travels with you it will retain a sense of identity. However pets can become frightened and bolt away from you out of open doors and windows. Keep your pet on a leash when outside your car or hotel. It is comforting for pets to be sedated and travel with familiar voices.

Food cannot be placed into storage. When a direct removal from one home to another takes place, please ensure that any packets, jars and screw top bottles are secured with sellotape.

Contents of Garages and Garden Sheds
Please ensure any rubbish is discarded and tools should be clean. We are not permitted to remove any damnable substances, such as old tins of paint, paraffin, matches, gas bottles or similar items, as this is not within the terms of our insurance cover. Any other containers or bottles should be securely sealed with sellotape to prevent spillage.

Bear in mind that moving will represent a big change for all members of the family. Emotional fatigue and confusion can cause emotions to run high and tempers to run short. Prior preparation will enable your whole family to better handle the move. Here are several ideas for making the transition as smooth as possible for your children: Include the children in making plans for the move, for example take them with you, if possible, when you go hunting for your new house. If you are moving to a distant place, help your children to learn about the new area. Let the children help decide how their new rooms are to be decorated and arranged. Take time to make a last visit to places that your family are particularly fond of.